The following questions and answers are, for the most part, specific to St. Lucia Helicopters' operation, though a few general knowledge questions are included. These FAQs are presented in no particular order. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us and we will respond as best we can. If you have any questions please Email them. We may want to add them to these FAQs .

A: This is very important. There are a few specific safety issues which we ask that you review. They apply to any helicopter you might ever fly in, not just St. Lucia Helicopters'. Please click here for pictures and a discussion of helicopter passenger safety.

A: Weather groundings are very rare in St. Lucia, but should it happen, we make the determination well ahead of time so alternate arrangements for ground transport can be made. Monies will be refunded provided St. Lucia Helicopters is the one making the cancellation call.

A: St. Lucia Helicopters has considerable redundancy in its equipment, and flights are scheduled to allow for last minute changes, and possible delays. After 25 years, and tens of thousands of passengers, the company has developed procedures that give it a near perfect performance record.

A: Not likely. The high angular moment of the helicopter's spinning blades, in effect a big gyro, make a helicopter's ride smoother than similarly sized airplanes. This is one of the reasons they are good as photographic platforms. Nevertheless, there are air sickness bags on-board.

A: Passengers 265 LBS (120 KGS) and over are required to purchase a second cabin comfort and safety seat. Maintenance of correct weight and balance in our aircraft will provide all passengers with a safe and comfortable experience with St. Lucia Helicopters.

A: You must cancel your flight at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

A: We recommend that you book at least 48 hours in advance.

A: Our helicopters hold six (6) passengers; We confirm all flights with a minimum of four (4) passengers.