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Join the Team!

St Lucia Helicopters embraces equal opportunity employment. Recruitment is accomplished by selecting the most suitable person (s) who have met the knowledge, skill, experience and cognitive ability as required for the vacant position.

St Lucia Helicopters defines its recruitment policy as being

  • Fair and unbiased
  • None discriminatory and un-prejudicial
  • In conformity with the Laws of St Lucia
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  • Minimum 1500 hours with at least 500 hours as PIC unturbine powered helicopter.
  • Clean police certificate of character from your country of origin and/or residency.
  • Good to excellent command of the English language, multi -linguicism an asset (ICAO Level 6)
  • Good people skills
  • St. Lucia Helicopters is called on to do more and more unique work such as flying scientists around active volcanos. Candidates should know their own capabilities and have good judgement. The job can be challenging and an individual capable of getting the job done without taking unreasonable risks is called for.
  • Candidates are required to pass the ECCAA Air low exam prior to induction as a line pilot. This is contingent on being successful at the pilot selection process.


JOB PURPOSE: To satisfy St Lucia Helicopters requirement in transporting its customers safely by helicopter on various assigned routes and missions.


  • Perform VFR flight duties under the supervision of the Chief Pilot.
  • Adhere to the safety guidelines as issued by Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority(ECCAA).
  • Comply with the work rules as set out in the Company Employment Handbook.
  • Assist the Chief Pilot in preparing documents related to flight safety standards.
  • Cultivate a work ethic that is built on a team spirit and camaraderie.
  • Demonstrate ability to meet production standards in terms of performance requirement and quality of the local tourism industry.
  • Be able to participate in air transport services in event of medical emergencies or national disasters.
  • Ensure that work performance embraces a standard that is environmentally friendly.