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Covid-19 Protocols

How We're Keeping You Safe

St Lucia Helicopters has decided to implement the below listed safety protocols as a measure of minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

1. Post prevention guidelines for public consumption as recommended by the World Health Organization at prominent points at our facilities.

2. Educate and train its staff on the health safety procedures pertaining to the prevention and containment of the transfer of the disease.

3. Provide sanitization equipment for its staff and clients at its various stations. This includes masks for clients who may be exhibiting mild coughs etc.

4. Conduct frequent sanitization of its facilities , land and air transportation.

  • These sanitization procedures shall include:
  • Cleaning of surfaces regularly at all its locations
  • Avoid congestion of clients at the booking-in areas of the company
  • Avoid use of air-condition units in order to aid circulation of clean air
  • Sanitization of buses and helicopters after each passenger use

5. Instruct the ground crew and pilots to conduct safety briefings to its clients in regard to safe occupancy procedures in its ground transportation and helicopters.

6. Clients are kindly asked to cooperate with our staff as they conduct their duties for your health, safety and comfort.